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HI - I purchased a Pottery Barn Seabury Grand Couch - cost upwards of $2,000 - a huge purchase for me. It arrived, and it looked fantastic. I ended up having two problems that I wanted to share with others. 1) I received the couch in November, and after only 2-3 months I noticed significant pilling on the bottom cushions. Top/back cushions? Great. Bottom cushions, where one sits? Unacceptable. Performance fabric? Really? So Pottery Barn comes back with "It's linen, what do you expect," and frankly I expect more. There are only three... Read more

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I ordered 2 metal pendant lamps with 8 foot rope kits. I received the metal globes and 2.5 foot ropes for my cathedral ceiling. I called to complain and they sent a replacement order immediately and picked up the incorrect order. The replacement they sent was 2 more globes and 44 inch rope kits. I called again to complain. They processed a return and sent out a second replacement. I received 2 more globes and 2 more 44 inch rope kits. I called again to complain and they processed a third replacement. They said it would take a week. I said... Read more

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I am a Canadian customer trying to order my 6th anywhere chair. I have gifted a personalized anywhere chair for all my nieces and nephews and now I need one more. Well after getting online errors asking me to try again later for days I finally called in and they said it was my computer, my browser all my fault. They didn't want to transfer me to a supervisor but I eventually got one I finally found out the issue is with the trademark symbol at the end of the product name that causes an error with boarder free the company that handles their... Read more

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Pottery Barn - Overpriced sofa with a defect but not backed by the company
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Bought a $2200+ sofa in June, 2014. Got delivered in Aug, 2014. After just one year of usage one of the two back cushion started to sag a lot. The company suggests to puff and flip regularly(not stated in their site), so I tried my best to save this cushion but, it just kept sagging even more. When I called the company in Feb 2016, they say it's been too long since purchase for them to do anything about it. They put the blame on "maybe someone just sits on that side of the sofa regularly" which is not true. I've been switching the cushion... Read more

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Terrible customer service. Lack of availability of items & they could care less. Add comment

Ordered floor lamp beginning February 2016, received it on March 25, 2016. Instead of the advertised in line dimmer a very cheap sticky on-off had been substituted. Also missing part and cheaply made lamp socket with shade attachment ring making it extremely difficult to attach shade. Called customer service, very nice lady but she had limited resources. She finally promised to send me a replacement in May 2016 (said they are out of stock now) but could not assure me whether it will be as advertised. When you buy $300 class lamps you should... Read more

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Hi place a order to be gift wrap and sent to grandchildren. After 24 hours and not receiving tracking I called Pottery Barn Customer Service (2 x's) They were trained to say all the RIGHT things. Sent 2 e-mails to customer service. Received a reply that if this e-mail did not address my issue to contact them. The e-mail basically said nothing. I send another e-mail and made a mother call. Bottom line on Friday 3/25 still not answer to my order placed on 3/20. If they had been honest & said they could not get my package there, Pottery... Read more

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Pottery Barn today is a JOKE! I ordered a $1200 bed, they delivered half of the bed 4 months later (it was missing several pieces), and it has now been 3 weeks and I still don't have the remaining parts. I have called customer service, who do nothing about it, just transfer me to delivery team (in Hickory NC), and I have left 7 voicemails (because they NEVER answer the phone), and still to this day haven't received a call back once!! I will never buy anything from them again. I will probably have to get a lawyer involved to get my money... Read more

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Pottery Barn - Awful, low quality products that are not backed by the company
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I have to admit that they advertise well and their products look quite beautiful. We ordered the benchwright extending table and it was stunning when we first received it. Well, 3 months later with very minimal use (maybe 3 times?) and the use of things like coasters, pads, etc, I've noticed that along the seams of the table, it's like the finish is degrading. When I called the company the first time, I was told to send photos including of what I've been using on the table. No response for a month. I called again and this time, sent the photo... Read more

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I had to return a dining table due to my space being too small, I had absolutely no problem & received my money back within a week. Add comment

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