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Have tried to order a craft table. Ordered on January 28. Continuous change in backorder info...we designed our office around this table...and am wondering if we will ever receive it. The dates just keep slipping. They still advertise these tables...but it doesn't seem like they ever intend to deliver.

It's been two months now already and the date just slipped again. They should not advertise products they cannot deliver.

It's false advertising to sell a product indicating a shipment date...and then keep changing the dates of delivery.

I will not shop at Pottery Barn again. They have lost a lot of business.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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yes this keeps happening to me with a dresser I ordered from PB teen; it was supposed to be in first week of Sept - and keeps saying backordered now it says Nov 4-18 and probably will change; wondering at what point I should just cancel the entire thing and go to another place that can deliver the product. Cannot complete my son's room and hang shelving if don't have the dresser size. Little annoyed too!


Same with me, they do not indicate backordered at all on their website until you have already purchased and you receive your purchase confirmation. Then that estimated date is almost always incorrect.

They've also incorrectly sent products, missed sending items completely and they are not apologetic at all, no fair compensation for items they cannot deliver. For example I purchased some nightstands with a large order that showed in stock and it ended up being backordered (no exaggeration) 6 months.

I called pottery barn and told them I'd like to pick out replacement nightstands for the same discount (30% off because of the total original order amount). The rep says that because my "new order" didn't qualify that I couldn't get the discount...


I am having the same problem with a backpack I ordered from PBK. Why was I able to order if it's backordered?

And why wpuldnt the website let you know it was in backorder before purchasing? Absolutely frustrating!!

@Pissed Momma

Yes, this! Happens ALL the time lately when I order from them. Getting really old.

@Pissed Momma

Same thing happened to me with a personalized lunchbox. Kept pushing ship date back.

Why allow you to order if it’s not ever going to be available?!?

Waste of time for sure. I ended up cancelling and had I known it was going to take so long let alone cancelling it I would have gone somewhere else and my kid would have gone months without a lunch bag !


2 months...that's nothing! I ordered a loft bed for my daughter from Pottery Barn Teen last August, 2017 and have been going back and forth with them for the past 6 months with the new shipping dates and empty promises...still waiting. They will never have my business again.


If you SAY that you can ship the item on 12/20/2017 when I order it while its backordered 12/16/2017 and then just ignore that *** and put "backordered" on it indefinitely and now its 12/23/2017.... ?????

NO, I shouldn't have to "good things come to those who wait", you should say "BACKORDERED FOR *** EVER" SO I DONT DROP MY *** HARD EARNED MONEY SO YOU CAN JUST KEEP IT AND NEVER GIVE IT BACK TO ME YOU *** ***.


Oh and I bought one day shipping so its SUPPOSED to be here 12/21/2017 and I even called Cust. Rep.

and they said it was supposed to go out, even though they pushed it back a day.

I guess im just another one of those backordered forever people?

Expect a seething call at 6am. I will do everything in my absolute power to have justice delivered until I die at the age of 70.

Some may call this a petty grudgery. I call it, you're going to stop scamming people.


yep, pottery barn is known for their "delays" ... you have to order to find out the status instead of tell me BEFORE I order seems to be a concept they don't understand. Go Amazon...they rock in communication with customers.


Same thing happened when I ordered lanterns for my kitchen. They moved the date back and back for 6 months time.

By then they were on sale and you know what? No sale price for me! Foolishly I just ordered bedding for my daughter. Same thing - 3 months of pushing the arrive by date.

They arrived last week just as PB announced all of that bedding significantly on sale. The only way to get sale price is return this set and re-order. But online the new ship date is guess what???

Back ordered to a month from now? This company is a joke.


It is now 20 months later... and it's deja vu: I'm having the SAME issue.


This isn't just a genuine (and one off) supply chain snafu, this is part of a repeated pattern of deliberately attempting to mislead consumers... seems like they are trying to take orders, aggregate demand to hit a production threshold, and then release the order to their supplier to produce and ship it in bulk.

Disgusting. I'm sure this dirty little practice has a nickname in the retail trade.

Honestly, I'm surprised... and disappointed. I've had some great experiences with Pottery Barn at retail for a number of years with a number of beautiful pieces in my home.

But this experience online has been unfathomable to me:

Bought (ordered) the items in mid October - at the time it was back ordered with an estimated ship date of early November. Kept checking and calling customer service once they missed the date (yeah, no auto-notification to my account via email, text, or courtesy call) and kept getting strung along. However the item has continued to be promoted "on sale" and the ship date keeps moving out... its been "today +3 weeks" for the past 2 months!!!

I had customer service tell me "hey, we haven't charged your credit card yet so there should be no issue" and on another occasion, after waiting on hold for 35 minutes, I had a customer service supervisor literally hang up on me because I asked for her name and title so I could reference this issue for legal action.

I guess they didn't like that I threatened to get relief from BBB, Yelp, my State Office of Consumer Affairs, and the State Attorney General's office in my state and theirs.

Get your act together Pottery Barn. Love your customer, don't insult and strong arm them. Your brand cost millions to build, don't squander it away now for short dollars.

Advice from the scarred and jaded - when something is "back ordered" from Pottery Barn...

run for the hills. They are not good for their word!

@Ticked Off

I have experienced same issue with them


Seems to be world wide issue. Ordered over $4000.00 worth of furniture from Pottery Barn Kids in Australia and charged for it. Even rang customer service to make sure it was available and that in home delivery option available. Received an email to say order fulfilled.

Received an email from courier who said too bad too sad coming as flat pack. No in home installation Then I find out they have no bases for storage units.

Have had 3 different due dates for bases. Who would send hutches without bases.Like shipping a table without legs.

All what I have is going back and will never buy from Pottery Barn again and going to contact our office of fair trading


We, too, had a back order issue with the large-sized "Ultimate Bar" they sell. It was because it is such a popular item.

The associate explained that since they were such a popular item, they can only make so many at a time and there were a lot on back order before ours. We received our bar and it's absolutely GORGEOUS. I think we waited 3 months for it.

Great quality, very functional, and looks awesome. Well worth the wait and very penny we spent.

@Love Pottery Barn

I don't think they sell this particular Ultimate Bar anymore, it was black with a black granite top and padded genuine leather elbow padding.

@Love Pottery Barn

Exactly! If you want something so bad because it is so pretty, the odds are you are not alone in wanting it.

There are only so many items that the vendor can make at any given time.

Great things come to those who wait!


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