I have been a Pottery Barn customer for about 15 years but am fed up by the progressive decline in quality of their goods. Many of the items I purchased 10+ years ago are still in good shape and were well worth the money spent on them.

The stuff I've ordered in the last few years is absolute *** (and yet their prices don't seem to have come down!) I ordered a headboard/footboard for my daughter's bed that came with areas that hadn't been painted thoroughly. I had to send it back and the replacement they sent came without the finials. It took them months to figure out how to replace them. Ultimately they sent a whole new set and I had to take the finials out and return the rest of it.

What a hassle. I have ordered two quilts in the last year and both arrived with defects in the stitching. One was more of a cosmetic issue but the other actually had a hole in the seam. I ordered a jewelry box that was $90 and it came with a scratch on it.

It's so frustrating because I love their style and always see things I like in their catalogs but am pretty much at the point of giving up and would recommend to others to think twice about ordering stuff from them --especially at full price.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #838662

Purchase many furniture pieces in the past and I wouldn't recommend anything being sold nowadays.



Reclaimed wood coffee table cracks when you get it home.


Wow, that comment was from an PB employee. Bitter much.


Wow, that comment was from an PB employee. Must be casual part-time.

to Justmas Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #619378

Not casual or part time that employee is fed up with the lies we have to tell. The company is fraud, that is why after 30 days you have to send pictures in of the defect just to discourage you from doing it, then we have to tell you one picture per email. The long term employee as myself are just fed up with how the company is ran when we are consumers too.


I work at PB and I totally agree with you on

the quality of the product. In my opinion I

believe the products are overpriced for products made in China. The furniture is of

poor quality and will fall apart. If you are going to pay that kind of money go to a better

furniture store.

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