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I recently ordered the Logan Entertainment Wall Unit for a price of over $5,000. When I placed the order I specifically asked about their policy of when payment is due.

I was told by the sales lady that my credit card will NOT be charged until delivery is made. However when I received my credit card statement i noticed they charged the FULL amount even though I did not receive the furniture. When I called customer service I was told that they shouldnt have charged the full amount. But then when I spoke with the store manager, he said Im required to pay the full amount at time the order was placed.

PB does not have any written policy about this, so that they could do whatever they please. I did not authorize them to charge my account prior to delivery of the furniture. This is not right. Why should I pay them in full & then wait months for the furniture.

Once they have my money they dont care. This is the second time I ordered furniture from them & both times Im having problems.

PB is dishonest. I plan to cancel my order as I dont trust them.

User's recommendation: Do not buy from pottery Barn.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Queens, New York

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Every retail place charges at time of order.

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