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Ordered a triple sconce, Ashland item# 73-3176740 for my bathroom. My electrician broke one of the globes accidentally during installation.

Called Pottery Barn customer service for a replacement globe and was told they do not provide replacement parts unless it arrived damaged. I asked for the name of the manufacturer and a supervisor. The supervisor told me that they do not provide replacement parts and as per company policy could not give me the name of the manufacturer.

Have told friends not to order from this company as I will never deal with them again. Can't believe this ridiculous company policy for overpriced merchandise.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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The castor wheel broke on a $400 desk chair and they do not have a replacement wheel I can purchase. Customer service said to "call a hardware store" very disappointed in their customer service.


Pottery Barn is awful.


We also lost the hardware to our King Bed frame during a move, made several attempts and long waits on hold before even getting through to someone. They are unable to sell replacement hardware, and we were also told to go to a hardware store. We now have a $3000 bed frame that is pretty much useless until we are able to figure out a makeshift solution.


You can find the replacement parts at their outlet stores sometimes. If not eBay is also a great place.

Etsy has some dealers who can also make the same legs If they are wood. If anyone posts a pic of what they are missing I live near an outlet and can check it out.


PB said they would not sell me replacement wheels for my $500 office desk chair. One of the five wheels broke.

The dimensions of the wheel are proprietary to PB, so I cannot buy replacement wheels from other sources.

So, the chair is now worthless.PB has almost a dozen different chair models currently in their catalog using this same wheel. So, it's not a situation where they don't have parts available or other customers needing wheel replacements.


Pottery Barn told me that they would not send me replacement screws for a crib I had purchased from them for safety reasons. I was told to check the hardware store.

I asked how is checking a hardware store and taking a guess going to be safer than the manufacturer selling me new screws to fit my model.

Just tell customers that you want to sell more $1000 cribs.

Don’t lie and pretend it’s a safety concern.

Of course the customer service agent was rude.

Won’t be shopping with pottery barn again.


Had the same problem with the PB Kendall Crib. So sad that after spending thousands on furniture and baby items, that are crib was missing 2 Allen bolts and they refused to replace them. Very poor experience.


Did you end up finding screws that worked? We lost two Kendall crib screws:/


Recently lost two Allen bolts to Kendall crib. What solution did you find?


I was missing one of the longer Kendall convertible crib screws. The screw measures in at M6 at Home Depot but they didn't have the correct head or length. I found this source online which looks right:


I have had similar problems. I need a replacement wooden *** for a Pottery Barn dresser drawer and have tried for 3 years calling them to get a replacement.

I'm fine paying for it. They say there are not any available, as they get them from a 3rd party vendor. I asked for the name of that vendor so I can contact them on my own, and they would not tell me.

I cannot find any similar knobs anywhere else. It's ridiculous.


Yes this is correct I called costumer service and the lady rude and could not provide me with the part



While on hold with Pottery Barn, I logged in here. The comments are correct.

I requested a replacement base for an exercise ball from the Teen furniture department. I was more than happy to pay for the replacement base and was told it was only sold with the exercise ball. GRRRRRRRR!

Why do the do this? It is maddening....



We had a similar experience with PB. Lost the hardware to our King Bed frame during a move and called to see if we could purchase a set of replacement fasteners.

No luck. Love the quality of the product, but they could go a long way in helping their customers over a few dollars instead of having them become frustrated with the company over a small item.


I just tried to get a replacement part for Catalina Bunk Beds (over $1,200 for the beds) ... they're useless to me without the rod that goes between the bunks and Pottery Barn refuses to give me a replacement part!

Bad business... will never do business with them again.


it's not that you are asking them to give you something. it's just that they do not provide replacement parts for sale.

you can't get them. that requires you buy all new. guess what? they probably don't sale that style any more.

so now they expect you to buy an entire new set? i think not.

i'd rather deal with someone local who can make replacement parts available for sale.


YOUR electrician broke the bulb and you asked them to replace it for you??? And you are upset with pottery barn.

Why wouldn't you ask your electrician to replace it for you?

No offense, but this is a BS complaint. No company can replace what you destroyed.

Your complaint does not make any sense at all. Im surprised that three people clicked useful, but I imagine it was you and people you know or people who just do not get how the world works. I guess to some people it just makes sense to expect people to compromise their jobs for their mistakes.

Hmmm... Next time I break something, Im going to blame the "*** company" that made it :zzz


The point is not who broke the globe, the point is that the company that sold it to you will not sell you a replacement globe and they will not even tell who the manufacturer is so that you can replace that part.


Recently an electrician broke the large pendant light globe, and I unsuccessfully tried to get a replacement. Did you ever get a replacement? If so, could you please forward me the info?...If you can remember.


I think you completely missed the point of the complaint. It seems this person is not expecting to be given, free of charge, a replacement part.

But would simply like to purchase what was broken and not the entire product. Goodness!

Use your head and actually READ it! Nowhere does she say she expected them to just give her a new part.

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