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Ordered a triple sconce, Ashland item# 73-317**** for my bathroom. My electrician broke one of the globes accidentally during installation.

Called Pottery Barn customer service for a replacement globe and was told they do not provide replacement parts unless it arrived damaged. I asked for the name of the manufacturer and a supervisor. The supervisor told me that they do not provide replacement parts and as per company policy could not give me the name of the manufacturer.

Have told friends not to order from this company as I will never deal with them again. Can't believe this ridiculous company policy for overpriced merchandise.

Monetary Loss: $159.

Location: Bonita Springs, Florida

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it's not that you are asking them to give you something. it's just that they do not provide replacement parts for sale.

you can't get them. that requires you buy all new. guess what? they probably don't sale that style any more.

so now they expect you to buy an entire new set? i think not.

i'd rather deal with someone local who can make replacement parts available for sale.


YOUR electrician broke the bulb and you asked them to replace it for you??? And you are upset with pottery barn.

Why wouldn't you ask your electrician to replace it for you?

No offense, but this is a BS complaint. No company can replace what you destroyed.

Your complaint does not make any sense at all. Im surprised that three people clicked useful, but I imagine it was you and people you know or people who just do not get how the world works. I guess to some people it just makes sense to expect people to compromise their jobs for their mistakes.

Hmmm... Next time I break something, Im going to blame the "*** company" that made it :zzz


The point is not who broke the globe, the point is that the company that sold it to you will not sell you a replacement globe and they will not even tell who the manufacturer is so that you can replace that part.


Recently an electrician broke the large pendant light globe, and I unsuccessfully tried to get a replacement. Did you ever get a replacement? If so, could you please forward me the info?...If you can remember.


I think you completely missed the point of the complaint. It seems this person is not expecting to be given, free of charge, a replacement part.

But would simply like to purchase what was broken and not the entire product. Goodness!

Use your head and actually READ it! Nowhere does she say she expected them to just give her a new part.


You're way off base with your analogy. The point is, Pottery Barn does not stand behind their products, in terms of replacement parts.

If I break a light bulb, I can go to the store and buy another. No problem. If a part on my Pottery Barn furniture fails, they refuse to make replacements available or put me in contact with the manufacturer. Thus, the furniture becomes useless.

If you wish to continue purchasing furniture at Pottery Barn, I say "good luck" to you. Sooner or later, you're probably going to need it.


My understanding is that she asked Pottery Barn to sell her another replacement globe for her light fixture, or at least the manufacturers name so she could contact them directly and purchase one for her fixture. That is what she should do, instead of throwing the fixture out and charging the electrician for a replacement fixture.

She never stated that she expected Pottery Barn give her the replacement free of charge. I suggest you read things a little slower and digest them before you respond with such negative, useless comments.


You're a *** ***...they never said they wanted the company to replace it they were asking to purchase a replacement piece smfh too many dumb people running around


You don’t have to be an *** Our movers broke a bulb to a $500 PB floor lamp and they will only reimburse us a certain percentage. SO if I can’t buy JUST the bulb I will be purchasing a new lamp from somewhere else.


You should be able to figure out the mfgr from info on the packaging. That and Google are a homeowners best friends. I've gotten results from just using an article/SKU number in my google search.

It does seem weird that Potty Barn didn't want to even let you solve your own problem. I'm evil enough that I'd buy a second one just for the replacement globe, then return it with the broken globe, and say, "Loooook! It's brooooken!". LOL not totally honest, but it has been known to work, tho better to reserve such an idea for when the retailer is being totally unreasonable. Honesty is always the best policy, as you were by relating that the jobber broke it. This way of handling it means the cost is passed on to either the mfgr or shipper, whoever PB can blame it on, it seems, where if they'd let you contact the mfgr, you'd have purchased the replacement at your own expense. Oh well, nobody ever said the world makes sense. Just too bad a company with such neat stuff would totally disregard their customer's satisfaction. Maybe they'll read this and change their ways.


The product comes from China, all of it which is not required to go through inspections and everything is made different than USA so it makes it difficult to find a part. Bottom line it's how PB runs business to make a consumer purchase another item.

I was the Customer Service Rep that would of informed you to do as EstaQ says after 8 plus years and outstanding customer service, no complaints from my customers I was one they had to let go, the one who cared about the consumer as I am a consumer also. PB will "fail" soon the customer is not their priority, they are money hungry and if we were to stand up for a customer then we were a risk to the company.

I was let go after a 2 week medical emergency due to the fact I was protecting my customer and my supervisor and management did not allow it,in turn caused an almost fatal incident. Much happier now, today is first time in a month I decided to continue to help you the customers, using my experience of the company.


Isn't it sad that a company who is making a good return on the sale of a specific product, motivate you to lie in order to fix something that you or your contractor did, without having to re-buy the product. I agree with your thought.

Their customer satisfaction is not top priority. Making the bottom line is.

That is evident.

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