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Although not outrageously expensive (unlike their pillows) Pottery Barn's down pillow inserts are not worth it. Mine under a thick, velvet cover leaked feathers from day one, and now after six mos is falling apart.

A real mess when I took cover off to wash. I'll go with synthetic next time. Feathers, wads of fabric from who knows where all over the place. Took me at least 20 minutes to clean it up.100 words yet?

Pottery Barn really doesn't want their products reviewed on line. Are they so desperate to pedal their overpriced stuff that they can't face it?

I really like their pillow covers and have several I have bought on sale, but if they are going to sell inserts separately, they should not sell lousy ones. OK, I'm done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pottery Barn Pillow.

Reason of review: Heavy handed review process!.

Preferred solution: Buy better quality pillow inserts and sell them for same price..

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I bought the 18 x 18 synthetic inserts for pillows a couple of years ago, and they are not any better than the down. The down is a mess and leaks feathers everywhere, and the synthetic pillows are not comfy, and flat. Not sure if 2018 brought in better quality on inserts...but my past experience with there are terrible!!!


PB wants to charge $100 per pillow insert for poorly made down wrapped pillow backs for Pearce sofa which were "premium upcharge." They have since improved the craftmanship but have passed the repair need on to their customers instead of standing by their product.

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They deleted part about not liking to be reviewed and making process very involved and heavy handed. Too much marketing of so so overpriced products. That's what you get for editing original review after requiring 100 words.

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