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OK- Here is the scoop

I was looking for a sleeper sofa and decided to see what the new Pottery Barn store had to offer.

I was shown the PB Comfort couch and told that it can be a sleeper, in fact I was sold on the Deluxe Sleeper ($1,500 more than the other sleeper option)

They did not have a Deluxe Sleeper to show me in the store, but was assured that it would be just like the PB Comfort that I was shown, just with a sleeper inside.

I ordered the PB Comfort Deluxe Sleeper and waited 7 weeks for its delivery. Once delivered I saw that it was NOT like the PB Comfort sofa I saw in the store because the seat and back cushions had black fabric on them- making them impossible to flip and rotate.

Flipping and rotating couch cushions is essential to keeping the sofa looking new.

I immediately went into the store and showed the manager the pictures of my cushions and said this is not what I was told I would be receiving and asked for the store to replace the cushion covers with ones that were flip able (did not have the black fabric on them)

The manager said he would look into my request and get back to me. I would check in with the store manager every week requesting status and was told he was waiting for Sku’s from their DQT group and could only contact them via email (no phone?). 3 months went by and I started losing faith so I went to the website and found this


•When you choose Pottery Barn furniture, you're not just getting exceptional quality; you're also choosing exceptional customer service. Should you ever need to purchase a replacement cushion or slipcover, our associates can place that order for you at any time. For assistance, please call 1.888.779.5176.

I called the number and explained my issue several times. Each time I would explain the issue over again (average call time was about 1 hour) and each time I was told that I would get a return call with an answer. Sadly I never received a call back from any of the customer service people that I spoke with.

Finally I got a representative on the line that looked through the notes on my account and found the skus that needed to be ordered. The order was placed and I was given an ETA of May 16th. I was obviously over the moon and glad that this Pottery Barn nightmare was over. A few days later I went into the website to check on my order and found that it had been cancelled….nobody called me to tell me and nobody had an explanation.

Finally someone told me that the Vendor that makes the PB Comfort Deluxe sleeper couch is different from the vendor that makes the PB Comfort (without sleeper) and that the cushion covers I was getting replaced were for the PB Comfort(without sleeper). The vendor that made my PB Comfort Deluxe sleeper couch could not make the replacement cushions covers without the black fabric. The vendor that can make the cushion covers, without the black fabric, was not the vendor that made my couch, so I would need to pay for the cushion covers!

I had another call yesterday with a representative that was going to escalate my issue and get back with me…..but at this point I have little faith and truthfully am so disappointed.

I decided to see if other folks had similar experience and found the Consumer Affairs site and over 800 people giving Pottery Barn one star!

Bottom line I should not have to care that Pottery Barn has 2 vendors making the PB Comfort couch….. Pottery Barn needs to place the cushion order with the vendor that can make them for $0. I do not understand why this is so difficult.

It has now been 6 months and I still do not have the couch that I was sold. Pottery Barn needs to make this right

Product or Service Mentioned: Pottery Barn Sofa.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $4119.

Preferred solution: Pottery Barn needs to place the cushion order with the vendor that can make them for $0.

Pottery Barn Cons: Misleading sales person.

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Hello-I want to first extend my sincerest apologies for the problems you are experiencing with this order. I'd like to look into this.

Please email your order details to support@potterybarn.com, so I can assist. Thank You-Sharla-Pottery Barn Social Media Team

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