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I received a faux fur throw as a gift from my parents. I washed according to the label instructions and it was ruined.

It no longer felt soft and instead was matted. I took it back to the store with my receipt and the manager said he couldn’t do anything because he didn’t know what I did to it and I may have just washed it too many times. It was only a month old and had only been washed once. He was rude and unhelpful.

I’m so shocked because I’ve furnished nearly my entire home with PB and I’ve always had great customer service. It’s odd that he wouldn’t help me with a simple blanket.

I only wanted to exchange it so I could have a new one that I would dry clean only in the future. (The label does say machine wash cold tumble dry low)

Product or Service Mentioned: Decorative Throw.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Before washing my Pottery Barn faux fur blanket I extensively researched and decided to try it at home as others have reported issues with Dry Cleaners ruining their blankets. I have a front load Whirlpool washer and dryer and my blanket turned out as beautiful as the day I purchased it by doing the following: Handwash cycle (or delicate should work too) on Cold water with little to no water extraction – (after this cycle I ran the drain/spin cycle which removes the remaining water) Add only the smallest most sparing amount (1 tablespoon) Zum laundry soap and fill the Bleach container with White Vinegar AIR DRY ONLY for 60 minutes and let sit overnight Blanket turned out in the exact condition it was when purchased.

I think key things here were littlest amount of soap, white vinegar, NO HEAT drying. Hope this information helps others.


The same thing just happened to me. I haven’t contacted them yet but this is too expensive of a blanket to wash up like this.

I followed the instructions and got a completely matted blanket out of it. Ugh!


I had the same thing happen to me when I followed the washing instructions. Customer Service couldn’t help me.

I am a very loyal Pottery Barn customer. No longer!


The same happened to me! Called customer service and they wouldn’t exchange it.

I washed it exactly as instructed on the label. I haven’t purchased anything from Pottery Barn after this happened.


Sadly, the same thing happened to my brand new pottery barn ivory ruched throw. The instructions are bad.

They should say handwash cold, then air fluff on no heat or line dry. I wouldn't trust it to a dry cleaner who might make a mistake. I cold washed and put it in the dryer on the lowest setting but then pulled it out after about 15 minutes when i found reviews online saying not to apply any heat to it due to it being plastic fibers - which melt and frizz under heat. It was still wet when i pulled it out, but it came out a little less soft than before I washed it.

Very frustrating. This year, I finally decided to order 2 new ones from pottery barn for this winter season, received them in the mail today in ruched grey and ivory. Immediately out of the bag I could feel that the quality is noticeably different (worse) than previous years when I first purchased the throw. They both feel short, coarse and cheap, not luxurious and silky like the first one.

My old one which was partly damaged is still softer than the new ones! So they are both going back to pottery barn.

It's increditbly disappointing that the quality on such a pricey item is worse, probably just to increase profit margin on these once high quality throws. =(


I just brought mine back from the dry cleaners...same issue! It is no longer soft and feels clumpy, as if the fibers were shaved or burned.


I did the same thing, washed according to directions and it's all matters!!!! So angry!!!


Same thing happened to me :(


Same thing happened to me. Washed once according to instructions & it’s ruined.

Not soft or pretty anymore. Matted.

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