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Pottery Barn customer service now EVEN WORSE - the absolute WORST Decided to give Pottery Barn another try today. Got a very nice person on the phone who pulled up my order and said she would get a supervisor right away to talk to me.

Clearly she didn't mean it because she then left me on hold for SIXTY MINUTES. Not a typo. A full HOUR. It became a bit of a joke - I decided I'd see how much dinner prep I could do and sure enough, got the whole dang meal taken care of.

I'm guessing she just pressed the hold button and went home for the day. Or sat there with her co-workers betting on how long I'd wait. Really, this is the worst experience ever.

I've been a fan of Pottery Barn for years. But clearly this relationship is over.

Original review posted by user Oct 21, 2018

I ordered some furniture at the beginning of September. I received part of the order on time, but have had an absolute headache trying to get the sofa and loveseat. Every time I call customer service I get the run around. I even tried sending an e-mail --- and I got no response whatsoever.

Upon ordering, the promised delivery date was October 13-19. Pieces left the vendor Oct 3 and 5.

Here's where it all goes awry:

On the 15th, I was told the pieces were still en route from LA. It should not take over a week to get something from Louisiana to New York/New Jersey, so I asked if we could look a little further into the order. What I got was about 20 minutes of being on hold and patched through to different people about 3 or 4 times. The final person snapped at me and said there was nothing else to look into - the pieces were en route and that was all, I just had to be patient. When I asked if there was any way I would be receiving my furniture during my promised window - Oct 13-19 - she snapped back "NOPE," and that was it. I was furious that no one could give me any information and now I've been sitting on hold just to be snapped at.

I decided to try an e-mail. I got the auto-reply message saying my e-mail had been received and I'd get an answer back within 48 hours. WHICH NEVER HAPPENED EITHER. That was Tuesday the 16th - it's now Sunday and I've received ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Friday Oct 19 (end of my delivery window btw): called again. Found out the sofa has been sitting in NJ waiting for in-home delivery, but the loveseat has not yet arrived and they deliver the order together. The rep this time was very professional and polite; he took down all the information and said he will get the issues to a supervisor and that I should be getting a phone call back that afternoon or Saturday. But as we can guess, I'VE NEVER BEEN CALLED BACK.

So in the end, here we are, past my promised delivery window, a missing loveseat, a sofa sitting in NJ waiting to be delivered, and ABSOLUTELY NO REAL ASSISTANCE OR RESPONSE FROM POTTERY BARN. I am beyond furious. This is how they handle big ticket orders???? TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pottery Barn Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Friend, calls and e-mails are the least effective methods of communication known. If you want some action, send a formal written complaint and serve it via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

Research carefully to find the correct person/dept. of the company. Forget the local dealer and go to the boss level. Provide a BRIEF history of the problem, your attempt at rectification, results, current status and desired solution.

Be polite, factual, and again, BRIEF (one side of the paper only).

State that you will allow 7 business days for a WRITTEN reply prior to escalation of your claim. Save your fury for when you really need it ; you've lived your entire life up to this point without that furniture.

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