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Pottery Barn Chesapeake is horrible!!!! The wood splits like tissue paper.

do not buy! it does not last at all. it is described as teak, and it is hardly better than cardboard. don't waste your money.

even the pottery barn guy admitted it, and then failed to stand behind the merchandise. Joe @ 888-779-**** ext 2071.

The description says it is moisture resistant, and a hardy dry wood. It says it is durable and long lasting. IT IS NOT--We bought 4 chaises for by the pool.

In 3 years all 4 fell apart in the same month. Legs fell off.

The frame split. The end piece is hanging by a splinter.

Location: Houston, Texas

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The website states VERY CLEARLY that it is eucalyptus NOT teak!!!! And I'm sure that all these people just left their stuff out year round.

You CANNOT do that with wood of ANY kind.

Sold LOTS of the Chesapeake and customers VERY happy. If you're lazy and expect to just leave stuff out year-round, you're right, don't by wood, buy another material like resin or other like materials.

Sick and tired of all these lazy - self-entitled people who like to complain. Get a life!


I agree with original post, don't waste money on the Chesapeake furniture. Ours started falling apart almost immediately.

It is NOT made of TEAK, they are making fraudulent claims, and at the very least they are guilty of false amd misleading advertising. They even sold me some teak oil in the store to put on the wood, but that started to take the finish off, probably because it's not teak. I've stored this in the shed during the winter months and left it out in the summer. We had a chair completely collapse and rot out.

This stuff is expensive and you think you are getting teak, but you are overpaying for some cheap balsa wood.


I called customer service and was told I should have bought the covers for each piece, and covered it each time it rained, which is really practical. I told them they should have made it out of teak like they said and we wouldn't be having this conversation.


We had our Chesapeake furniture stored outdoors for 2 years now, the wood is holding up fine but the paint is chipping. I was hoping the stain resistant and washable cushions would mean I could keep them clean but it really holds on to the stain.

So in its 3rd year the furniture looks really trashy. If I knew I'd have to replace it every couple of years I'd buy a much cheaper Pottery barn lookalike for half the price.


I don't think you as a consumer understand that the wood is long lasting and in turn what you are paying for. The finnish however will only last AT MOST (under the best conditions and being stored or covered in winter) 2 YEARS!!

How is it a Retailers fault that you expect what isn't possible...? You want long lasting care free furniture?

You want to put it outside? Have fun building a chaise out of concrete!


THEY HAVE THE ABSOLUTE WORST AND THE MOST RUDE DELIVERY PEOPLE EVER!!!!!!!! For what you pay for the furniture you would expect at the very least polite and easy people to deal with on delivery!


They have to be the most frustrating people to deal with. So frustrating!


We bought the Chesapeake table at a pottery barn outlet yesterday for $109. They had a big stack of boxes of them.

It's 60x35 and doesn't have extensions but for that price it was worth replacing our 6 yr old Chesapeake table where the wood was splitting. It looks great for now:).


We have also had problems with Pottery Barn Chesapeake furniture. At the end of the first season it started to chip like paint.

It looks horrible now.(It is our second season) So far Pottery Barn will not do anything. We took it in over the winter as we were told to do. We spent $3000 on the set.

The sale person promised us that the finish would hold up outside. It looks horrible.

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