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Update by user Oct 12, 2015

As of October 11th the last I heard was the following followed by another e-mail last night that stated nothing could be done!!!I again, asked all of my e-mails to be sent to the President of Pottery Barn.

I also looked up all the purchases I have had with this company over the years and they have made quite a bit of money from me. I also have shopped in their stores over the years using gift cards from various people and companies that knew I liked the Pottery Barn merchandise. Thank you Pottery Barn for not helping me with this problem.

Thank you for contacting Pottery Barn regarding order 051388639822

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the frustrations this has caused. I completely understand your disappointment and that's definitely not what we want our customers to experience.

All inquiries are reviewed and taken seriously as we are working hard to ensure a positive shopping experience.

I have reviewed the information you have provided and I understand why you would throw out the robe.However, please know that without a return of the original item we are unable to proceed with a refund of any kind

Original review posted by user Oct 10, 2015

I purchased a Pottery Barn Classic Terry Robe in Truffle online from a store in Durham, NC.I was visiting there for a wedding and had gift cards for $100.00.

I figured I could go to this store and purchase a bathrobe and have not problems. They did not have the bathrobe I wanted there so they ordered it for me online with their computer. It cost me $95.01. It arrived at my house on May 21st, of 2015.

I noticed right away there was a strange smell to the robe but I just thought it was the packaging. I kept washing this robe over and over the next couple of months. I travel a lot for me job and was not home much during the next couple of months. Finally by August I just had to throw it out.

It had the strangest smell. I have ordered so many things from Pottery Barn over the years that I just thought this would not be an issue. I have ordered bathrobes for my husband and his which are white never had a odor. So I wrote to customer service about this issue and they quickly replied that since I did not do anything about it within the first 30 days they would do NOTHING!!!

I wrote back stating that I would no longer be buying from them in this case since they do not back up their product at all. They wrote back quickly again and said they would remove me from the e-mail and no longer send me catalogs. How nice after all the years that I supported them and they would do nothing. I wrote back again and requested the President of Pottery Barn's e-mail and I stated I was sure they would not send it.

I am so glad to find out how well they back up their products before I spent more than the amount I did.

I no longer will shop for them and I will tell all my employees, family and friend not to shop there.

Nancy from North Carolina

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "just give me credit for my loss on this robe with pottery barn" as the author lost $95. The author is overall dissatisfied with Pottery Barn and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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How can you expect a company to give you a refund on a product when you threw out the product and now have nothing to give back to them? That was sure stupid!


The problem isn't Pottery Barn. The fact that you would spend 100.00 for a bath robe is a clue. It's one thing to have money, it's another when you actually buy something made in China and then wonder WHY it smells.


You resolved your own "complaint" the moment you threw the bathrobe in the trash. You can't expect Pottery Barn to do anything at that point, since you can no longer make a return nor an exchange. Not sure what your expectations were, as you never did clearly state them.


The moment you noticed the odd smell you should have checked the return policy.It's not Pottery Barn's problem if you travel for work.

Instead of throwing it out, you could have wrapped it in some plastic bags.I doubt the president of the company is going to care about someone that is outside of the terms of their policies.


Why do u expect something from them without prove.You should have never thrown away the robe.

And who do you think you are , for the email to the president of the company? You are a ***, spoiled woman! Grow up!!

Do things right next time, hand on to the item, contact the company nicely, and have your receipt on hand.

And don't demand to be treated like a princess!I feel sorry for your husband!


Yeah, yeah sure you won't shop with them again. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that. The website says 30 days, learn how to read for once.


Curious, did it smell like insecticide?

to Wendy New Bern, North Carolina, United States #1047996

Yes it did smell a bit like insecticide now that you mention it. But I washed this robe over and over again and the smell would just not leave it. I just could not stand it anymore and decided to throw it out.

to femmesebo #1103387

Femmesebo, you really dont seem to have a grasp of what everyone is trying to tell you.You do seem like a spoiled, entitled woman.

Why should Pottery Barn change its policy for YOU?!

Its common sense, ( which you have none of)if the robe stunk after even one wash you put it in a bag and return it.Most people would never expect preferential treatment the way you do!

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