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I ordered a personalized step stool and a Christmas Advent Calendar for my daughter from Pottery Barn Kids and they did not write out her name correctly. Furthermore, they indicated that there was nothing they could do because it was a personalized item.

I indicated that it was not just one item they messed up on but two in the same order so clearly it was their workers fault. In addition, they indicated that they would not provide me with new item with her name written correctly. I ask to speak to several managers and will no avail was told no and basically the guy hung up on me after I said I will never shop there again and that I was going to post my experience on FaceBook and elsewhere. I will never shop there again because now I am out $200 and have items that I cannot use.

Thanks for nothing Pottery Barn Kids.

You suck. A very pissed off customer.

Location: Oceanside, California

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More than likely, the person that wrote this review made a typo online when placing the order. I work in customer service for PBK, and if the mistake is ours, we will replace the items.

We schedule a free UPS pickup and issue a replacement immediately. Nine times our of ten, the mistake is because some mom can't spell her own kids name.


I purchased two rooms full of pbk items for my twin girls when they were born...5 years, i've since moved and we cleaned and stored the curtains we had. When I recently opened the box, we noticed that the curtains were really short...i called pbk and informed them about the issue...their response was that these curtains are not meant to be cleaned...KIDS CURTAINS CANNOT BE CLEANED????

they cannot do anything because of time and their policy and they no longer have this curtain...THEY ARE IN THE CURRENT CATALOG! after insisting she said she would get permission to see what she can do...she returned to the phone with an attitude and basically...no...goodbye. I informed her that I paid a lot for these and I should just spend less since their curtains are apparently disposable. She informed me they should only be spot cleaned and shaken...???????

is that good to be in a child's room...no! so I will not be buying from pbk again...and most families with children with and without allergies should not buy disposable curtains from pbk


I'm actually shocked to hear that you had such an experience. I've returned personalized items through their stores before with no problems whatsoever. While you cannot get a refund for the item, because it's been personalized, you can certainly have a new personalized item sent to you (they'll waive shipping this time around, too) It sounds to me more like this was a specific store/specific worker problem in regards to the exchange.

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