I bought the ombre faux fur throw and my husband loved it so much so bought another. Then I washed the first one based on instructions and it was matted. I had bought the first one the winter before and hadn't washed it because I had only used it a few times, was using...
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I purchased 2, 20” feather insets for my Pottery Barn pillow covers. For the first few months they were fine. Today I’m throwing them away because of the constant piercing of the feathers through the pillow covering and feathers leaking out!!! I choose the feather over...
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We ordered Townsend roll-arm 3-piece sectional sofa with Statesville Molasses leather on March 13 with a mid-June 3-month delivery. Then notified delivery was to be 7/4-18, then delayed to 7/17-19. After that date passed without any word finally called and was told...
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Immediately following a wrong sized order and realizing my mistake I called to cancel and was refused. I had to wait 30 minutes for the customer service dept. to open and called at that time. Said my order could not be cancelled, it had already gone to the warehouse...
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My wife wanted a pottery barn sofa and changeable covers($7000.00). We went to the store in mass. Saw what she wanted and was told she also would get a gift certificate to use later. We went back later and bought it. Again informed about the certificate. Since we were...
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I didn't like
  • Fact that nobody informed use of their policy
  • Terrible solutions
Full story can be found here: tl;dr: Ordered desk in April. Desk top was cracked on every one of three attempted deliveries over 3 months You cannot contact Customer Service Supervisor....
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I didn't like
  • Customer service responsiveness
  • Ability to resolve problems
They constantly change the shipping date. The shipping date has been changed 5 x already. What is the point of showing something instock with a date if you are going to keep changing it. If you check online for the item. It shows a delivery date much sooner than what I...
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Terrible customer service

I didn't like
  • Misleading description
  • Poor excuses
  • Poor excuses from customer service
I wanted to buy a gift for my nephew's upcoming birthday and my sister advised if you sign up by email with Pottery Barn Kids you will get 15% discount on your purchase. I went to the Pottery Barn Kid's website and sure enough they displayed the offer. However in tiny...
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Pottery Barn - Bought floor lamp; base disintegrated. they will not stand behind it.
contacts were fruitless as to any results. it took 4 contacts to receive any response over a period of 2.5 weeks, and they laid out many hoops to jump through re. original receipt, date, purchase number, store location, etc., and eventually referred me back to local...
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I bought a shoe rack from Pottery Barn online. After unpacking the pieces I realized that the hardware and allen wrench were missing. I called customer service and they said that they would send another one and to repack and return the one without the hardware. Well,...
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