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Update by user Dec 20, 2014

I uploaded a picture from their site about their complimentary design services, again it says free and also with no obligation to purchase but yet I did purchase merchandise and no where does it indicate that you are only allowed so many visits or limited to a number of questions.I also traveled to their store using my own gas and time to do so and again went on days and hours that I knew it would be less busy and if they needed to help another customer I patiently waited.

So the ironic thing is they are upset because I used their services as intended and instead of trying to come up with a reasonable solution I'm told not to come back.How in anyone's mind does that say good customer service ?

Update by user Dec 20, 2014

I feel that management at the Appleton, Wi location grossly embellished what really happened and the district manager was not given the proper information.I also feel that I wasn't given the opportunity to state the facts to what had happened but instead was unfairly judged based on the simple fact that I spoke up about the poor customer service I routinely received but yet I still continued to shop there and spend money.

I don't accept the fact that a simple resolution to this incident couldn't be resolved but instead I was to told not to shop at any of their stores and was black listed from even using a $25 gift certificate that I earned from purchases made at their stores.

I think it's unprofessional that I was made out to be a nuisance when I all did was reach out to upper management for a solution and instead was met with criticism and a ultimatum.This is not how you deal with customers who are the backbone of your company and keep you in business and when it comes to corporations that would rather keep those of us who speak out quiet then what does that really say about this companies philosophy.

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2014

Went to Pottery Barn in Appleton, Wi to get help designing my living room and home office, over several weeks was ignored, told I was indecisive and when I bought in product that I purchased from their catalog was told I was *** for trying to change their design.I bought a expensive desk Ava Metal and the glass top was all scratched up and then got the run a round when asking for a replacement piece.

The last time I walked in the store was told I had 15 mins to say any questions because they felt they helped me enough. Store advertises FREE design service at the store and in your home, I went to the store and choose days and times that I knew were less busy. Never was I told that you can only ask so many questions and frankly what does it matter since I'm the one spending money. They work on a hourly basis and not commission therefore whoever helps me gets paid the same.

I just found the whole experience to be a terrible representation of what customer service should be.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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