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Worst place to shop!Your item will be backordered and backorderdered over and over again.

Today is 3 months since i ordered my item and i am told again that the estimate is mid next month! THATS AN ESTIMATE!!! which means it could be 5th time it will be pushed back when that date approaches. YOU BEEN WARNED, THE STORIES YOU READ ARE TRUE.

DO NOT BUY. The worst part is i can go online now and put the item in my cart and it says it will be delivered next week (estimate Oct 10th) meanwhile you will never receive the item for months. Its bait and switch. It s a furniture store with no furniture.

I would never order anything from them again.

Spread the word, these people need to clean up their act.You shouldn't be treated this way for spending thousands in their stores.

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I am having the exact same issue as you had..I ordered a backpack for my daughter in the middle of August because the web site said it is in stock. But they changed the delivery date twice with no advance notice nor reason, now the expected delivery date is middle of November including 7-10 business days of shipping lead time from their distribution center to me (no effort of expediting the shipment).

I never order for pottery barn.

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