Just sent this to Pottery Barn via email. I will spend the rest of my life letting folks see how eager they are to TAKE YOUR MONEY, but do nothing in return. Worthless company!!

I would like a phone call from the highest ranking manager or executive at pottery barn by Saturday 11/21/2015. We have spent many thousands of dollars at your store, and today we were supposed to have two chairs delivered between 12pm and 2pm. I called the first time at 1:27PM to be told the delivery would happen today 11-20-2015 no matter what and two deliveries were in front of us, but that the truck was running late, and the delivery would occur at 4PM. Then at 4:45PM, I called again, and same story. Your delivery will be there today. Then to be told that the delivery would happen today no matter what every single time. At 6PM we called again to be told the delivery would happen today again. It is 7:30PM and we have heard nothing. It is now 8:33, and we have heard nothing. Not even an update, or a common curtesy phone call. Just called again and you are closed. I tell you what someone on your end did more than drop the ball. This is beyond unacceptable customer service. How do customers walk away from something like this not thinking someone was dishonest? Why didn’t anyone call?? Why were we told at every juncture today that the delivery would happen today??? Explain to me why anyone deserves your trust or your business????

How do you make this up to a customer who’s spent thousands and thousands of dollars with your company? I ask that because I am in an executive position that requires those answers. The balls been more than dropped. It’s deflated...


Btw: It’s 9:47PM now, and still waiting?

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of pottery barn delivery service. Pottery Barn needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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