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My wife and I registered for Pottery Barn Table settings, specifically the Sausalito set. After 4 months of hand washing, we are down two salad plates, two soup bowls, and one coffee mug.

These dishes are ***, and when they chip, they soak up water fast. So if you were thinking of repairing them, too bad. There is already a darkening water stain spreading across your dish. There is no simple way to repair them.

Don't buy this junk. I really wish we had gone with a different company. I have had many plates in my life, and the only ones this bad were the ones made by kids at elementary school back in the '80s.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I have the same problem with the PB plates.I purchased the soup bowls, square plates and round plates.

They are not sealed properly so water soaks into the ceramic. When I wash them, I have to set them on the counter to dry for days. If I stack them before all the moisture has dried, they mold under the finish and smell bad. I took them back and they did give me new plates but they were the same.

Do not buy them.I had better dishes from Target.

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